This is a collection of material from the era of World War II, and the period of austerity which followed it.

Most the material was collected and donated by Viv Mason, a former resident of Ashfield. 

Also included are wartime memories collected for the Life In Ashfield exhibition of 1996. 

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Life in Ashfield - Wartime memories
1938 Air Raid Precautions Handbook No.8

1938 August 15th DA Jones appointment  as air raid warden1939 Transfer of Population in Time of War - Ministry of Health

Home Guard Leaflet

1940 May 1st Town Children Through Country Eyes

Wardens Message Form For Use at Report Centres

1942 June 7 Identity Card Dorothy Jones

Defence Medal Notification JR Jones

1946 RAF Comforts Committee Survey

1950 Ration Book DA Jones

1953 Ration Book - Kate Jones

1938 Wardens Report Form Pad

Shelter at Merryvale House - Dorothy & Viv Jones

1940 ARP Ashfield Notebook

1940 Feb 13 Police Circular - Non Persistent Gas

Ashfield Invasion Committee Form & list of schoolchildren

Wardens Message Form

1940 Dec "After The Raid" - Ministry of Home Security

Ashfield-cum-Thorpe ARP members

Viv Mason note about Kate Jones

1945 Dec RAF Comforts Committee Card - Kate Jones

1947 Clothing Ration Book  - K Jones


3rd March 1938 Air Raid Precautions - personnel

1939 Ashfield Properties & First Aid
1939 Nov 12 Letter from mother of evacuee

1940 August 8 Identity Card JR Jones

1940 July Wardens Handbook - East Suffolk CC

Wardens' Aide Memoir East Suffolk CD Division

Envelope Addressed to HM Youngman, Senior Warden

Cold Tea Cake recipe

Earl Soham Wartime Shortbread

Wartime Chocolate Sponge

1943 May 19th Earl Soham Wings for Victory Concert

1946 July  WVS The Bulletin - The Victory Parade

1951 Ration Book - DA Jones