These pages hold material and reminiscences relating to Ashfield. 

Much of the material was provided by former resident Viv Mason, who as Viv Jones grew up at Merryvale House in the 1930s and 1940s.

Other sources include Life in Ashfield, a village exhibition which took place in 1996. 

Also available is the Ashfield Book of Remembrance, a document created by Earl Soham resident Chris Pratt, containing material about residents of Ashfield-cum-Thorpe who died in the two world wars. 

World War II and its aftermath (1938-1953)
Memory Lane: A Suffolk Mawther's Childhood 1929-1945" (Viv Mason)
Ashfield Book of Remembrance
Life in Ashfield material (to come) 

Do you have material or reminiscences that could be added to this archive? If so, please contact Anita on 685 522.